Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Day Eight & Nine

Day 8

9/3 AM: 180
9/3 PM: 184

9/4 AM: 180.5

Breakfast: 2 coffee with cream
Lunch: chef salad with ham, roast beef, turkey and egg; ranch
Dinner: Parmesan crusted chicken, green beans, creamed cauliflower, iced tea with lemon

Calories: 1900
Fat: 154g
Protein: 99g (target 80-100g)
Carbohydrate: 33g, 11g fiber, 22g net (target 20g net)
n3:n-6 ratio: 1:5 (target <1:4, ideally 1:1)

Day 9

9/4 AM: 180.5
9/4 PM: 182

9/5 AM: 180

Breakfast: 2 coffee with cream
Lunch: turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese; sliced cucumbers & ranch; iced tea with lemon
Dinner: Salad with turkey & hard boiled egg, iced tea with lemon

Calories: 1599
Fat: 118g
Protein: 99g (target 80-100g)
Carbohydrate: 35g, 10g fiber, 25g net (target 20g net)
n3:n-6 ratio: 1:5 (target <1:4, ideally 1:1)

I will be on vacation through 9/22, so it is unlikely I'll post daily.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Day Seven - One Week

9/2 AM: 181
9/2 PM: 183

9/3 AM: 180

One week weight loss: 5 pounds

Breakfast: 2 coffee with cream
Lunch: pulled pork, turkey breast, cole slaw, water
Dinner: chef salad, iced tea with lemon

Calories: 1734 (target 1,600-2,200)
Fat: 131g
Protein: 102g (target 80-100g)
Carbohydrate: 40g, 7g fiber, 33g net (target 20g net)
n3:n-6 ratio: 1:7 (target <1:4, ideally 1:1)

Working Through a Stall - Result

Jane Anyone asked me to see if I could figure out why she was stalled after she'd asked a bunch of other people and the suggestions they made were all over the place, ranging from cut dairy to eliminate fruit, to increase fat or add coconut oil to her coffee in the morning. It was also suggested she eat whatever for a day, then go back on plan, while someone else suggested she do a fat fast. Needless to say, none of the suggestions were consistent and she wasn't sure what to do.

When Jane explained to me that what she was eating had never been a problem, I believed her and said that because it hadn't been a problem until recently, let's run some numbers and see what we get.

The menu posted was one day from a month log she provided. After entering a week, I found:

Average carb: 55g
Average fiber: 18g
Average net: 37g

Average protein: 140g

Average fat: 199g

Average Calories: 2,501

F:P:C % = 72:22:6

Jane 250
BMR - est. 1890 calories per day
AMR - est. 2850 calories per day
Minimum protein EAA - 96g, protein GNG 118-140g

Jane 200
BMR - est. 1670 calories per day
AMR - est. 2505 calories per day
Minimum protein EAA - 81g, protein GNG 98-115g

There are a number of reasons why someone stalls when they are losing weight, and the timing of a stall can often point to the reason more accurately than just looking at a menu. In Jane's case, she was losing consistently for six months, and in the month before her stall, her weight loss slowed then stalled. She waited a month as advised, because sometimes a stall is just an adjustment and patience pays off, at some point within the month, weight loss will resume.

The biggest clue here was that what she was eating is what she was eating consistently.

After discussion with her, I found that indeed, she'd never counted anything except carb grams. As I looked at her menu, I was quite amazed at how her eating had settled in about where it needed to be - for 250 pounds to meet her nutrient requirements. Her pattern of eating also created nice calorie deficit to allow weight loss in a fairly consistent and easy way; that is util she reached a calorie equilibrium.

Her eating didn't result in any weight gain, but it also didn't allow for more weight loss.

What we did was look at her goal weight numbers, to have an idea of what was to come in the future. She wanted to reach 150 pounds. At that weight, her BMR est. is 1460 calories a day, her AMR est. was 2,190 - about 400 calories a day less than she was currently eating, but a level of calories that if she made some minor adjustments, would be what she'd be eating at her goal weight to maintain and better still, it was above her current BMR.

A 400 calorie tweak is really not that difficult and included:

Swap 4oz heavy cream for 4oz half & half (-240)
Drop 1 egg at breakfast (-70)
Reduce dinner portion of meat to 6oz (-140)

I also advised that if she wanted to add in more carbohydrate, that as she added a portion of something, she would reduce protein throughout the day by 2oz per 1 portion carbohydrate added; so a fair swap might be 1/2 sweet potato + butter and the burger at lunch is 4oz instead of 6oz.

Within a week of making the changes, she was again losing weight. Over the slow and steady continuing weight loss, she did have a two week stall and a few weeks here and there with no weight loss, but month over month, her weight continued to decline and she did reach her goal weight. By the time she reached her goal weight, her diet had changed some since she used the carb-protein swap concept to add more carbohydrate as she continued to lose more weight.

After one year of maintaining her weight loss, she told me she's eating about 90-100g of protein, 90-100g net of carbohydrate, and about 150-170g of fat, an average of about 2,200 calories a day, her estimated active metabolic rate (AMR) for her weight.

I'll close by saying that in this instance it did come down to calories, but not all stalls do. When weight loss does stall though, it is reasonable to evaluate calorie intake to see if you're at or near your active metabolic rate or not.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Day Six

9/1 AM: 182
9/1 PM: 184

9/2 AM: 181

Breakfast: 2 coffee + half & half
Lunch: 2 large eggs over medium (butter), bacon, sliced tomato, mayo, iced tea with lemon
Dinner: salad, cheeseburger, spinach, sweet potato pancake, water

Calories: 1399 (target 1,600-2,200)
Fat: 109g
Protein: 71g (target 80-100g)
Carbohydrate: 39g, 11g fiber, 28g net (target 20g net)
n3:n-6 ratio: 1:7 (target <1:4, ideally 1:1)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Day Five: Dinner Out

Last night we had dinner out, so up a bit.

Paleo Track has a connection problem, so I'm not sure macronutrients or calories, but I'll add them when I can log on to that.

8/31 AM: 181.5
8/31 PM: 185.5

9/1 AM: 182

Breakfast: 2 coffee with half & half
Lunch: 2 over medium fried eggs (butter), bacon
Dinner: Pork Gyoza (3 pieces), Spicy Pork Soup, Salmon Rangoon (1), Monkey Goes Nuts Roll, Pear Saki

Calories: ? (target 1,600-2,200)
Fat: ?g
Protein: ?g (target 80-100g)
Carbohydrate: ? (target 20g net)
n3:n-6 ratio: ?:? (target <1:4, ideally 1:1)