Sunday, January 08, 2006

Censor Scientific Findings?

Last month I wrote about the scathing editorial in the journal Nature that called into question the integrity of Dr. Manny Noakes and Dr. Peter Clifton, authors of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, in The Emperor has no Clothes.

Well, it seems raising concern, heck even outright attack on these two researchers, in a scientific journal wasn't enough. As reported in Questions raised over CSIRO diet - a nutritionist, Rosemary Stanton, and a medico, John Tickell, have taken their concerns to the government of Australia and requested that the Prime Minister, John Howard, review the diet.

The pair wrote to Mr Howard, saying the high meat content in the diet contravenes the government's own dietary advice.


A book isn't aligned with government dietary guidelines and therefore is subject to review by the government?

Do these two concerned healthcare professionals understand they are asking their government to censor a book? Not only that, they're asking the government to censor its own scientific findings that were the foundation of the book.

CSIRO is a government agency in Australia. Dr. Noakes and Dr. Clifton are researchers at CSIRO and had approval from that agency to write the book!

Since when are findings, from scientific studies - eight years worth of data - that are contrary to current belief up for censorship?

This is just the beginning of what I believe is going to be a concerted effort to suppress scientific inquiry into dietary approaches that contradict various government recommendations both here and abroad. Such attempts to censor what researchers study, find, conclude and write about is outrageous.

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