Monday, September 18, 2006

Six Weeks to Goal

Last week I didn't update my weight loss since I was in the middle of making a few more adjustments for the longer term - namely making some changes to the supplements I take each day. None of the changes was to try to enhance weight loss - the modifications were more quality changes and adjustments to target nutrients rather than take a shot-gun approach with a multi-vitamin plus other nutrients. This is because my menus are darn high for nutrient-density and some of the vitamins in the multi seem like overkill!

On the weight loss front, I have now reached my goal of losing 20-pounds within eight weeks. It took just six weeks! Now that I'm at this weight, I'll just continue eating as I have been the last few weeks and make adjustments as needed to keep my weight stable.

Good luck to everyone continuing toward their goal!


  1. As you know, Regina, I emailed you on August 17 regarding your accepting Jimmy Moore's 30-in-30 challenge.

    I don't think Jimmy meant 30 days, but way to go Regina on making your goal!!!

    And, with Jimmy's challenge and your recommended Omega 3:6 balancing and some other nutrient tweaks, I am thrilled to say that after over 2 years, I have now entered new weight loss territory myself!

    Some background:

    I was 320 pounds in July 2003 when I began Atkins. By May 2004, I was down to 256, a 64 pound weight loss. I am 6' 1".

    I had the very good fortune of "meeting" Regina on an online diet debate forum in February 2004. She pointed out to me that I was stalled at the time because I was not eating enough calories. Sure enough, I upped my daily caloric intake by at least 500 calories, and the last 15 pounds or so of my initial weight loss came off.

    At that point, although I had not met my goal weight of 200 pounds (my Doc said 220 would be "just fine), I began Atkins Maintenance. Having lost in excess of 50 pounds three times previously using low-fat/low cal starvation methods, I was very concerned that I would not be able to maintain the loss thus far, especially because I had been eating too few calories again for so long, even if it was low-carb. I felt it would be far better to "take a break" instead of pushing myself harder for weight loss that I might not be able to maintain in the long run. My experience with prior weight loss rebounds each came with bonuses of at least 25 extra pounds.

    For the most part, I have successfully maintained that loss, a first for me. Oh sure, my weight has fluctuated some, especially when going on vacation. But my dimensions have continued to shrink slowly over that time with the addition of moderate exercise, as evidenced by having to continue to retire clothing that I've bought within the last 2 years because it is now simply way too big for me.

    In January, I met Regina and Dr. Gil in person at the NMS Carbohydrate Restriction Conference in Brooklyn, NY, where I was gladly put into service shopping for and preparing materials for the conference and playing "A/V" geek by coordinating the 30 some-odd 30-minute PowerPoint presentations by all the outstanding nutritional scientists.

    I also got to meet Jimmy and his wife, Christine.

    I was 260 pounds and already in Atkins Induction/ketosis when I accepted Jimmy's challenge although, up until now unbeknownst to him. Maintenance had become somewhat too "comfortable" for me and it was time to make some new progress. It took me a few days to get started, especially with the exclusively pastured, grass-fed beef for home use, eliminating the commercial mayonnaise and creamy dressings with soybean oil, so I began the challenge in earnest on/about August 25th, also adding 1,500mg of L-Carnitine daily. Since I do get other sources of Omega 6's from non-grass-fed meats, etc. from dining out frequently, I have not included the Atkins shake in my tweaks. I estimate my Omega 3 to 6 ratio now to average approximately 1:3.

    As of this morning, I am 254 pounds...6 pounds into the challenge and 2 pounds into new weight loss territory, a weight that I have not seen since 1990.

    So, this is my "thank you" to you, Regina.

    I also have Regina to thank for getting me off of diet soda once and for all earlier this year. In March, I have eliminated diet soda (and in doing so, eliminated aspartame as well) and now drink little more than pure water and unsweetened iced tea with lemon, and plenty of it.


  2. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Regina, congratulations!

    And David, thanks for your post. I have been in a long stall, and received the same advice. So it is good to hear that raising calories did the trick for you!

    I would be interested in talking with you about your experience adding in calories and getting off that stall. Feel free to visit my blog's nothing as interesting as Regina's!