Monday, November 20, 2006

The Cure for Diabetes?

Way back in July 2002 Gary Taubes article in the New York Times, What if its All Been a Big Fat Lie, was a big fat headache for those deeply commited to the decades old dietary dogma.

Well, get ready for another firestorm of controversy about dietary recommendations! In the December 2006 issue of Men's Health magazine, Adam Campbell takes on the American Diabetes Association in his special report The Cure for Diabetes.

He teases us with his opening sentences...

What if the American Heart Association endorsed the trans-fat diet? Problem, right?

Look at what the American Diabetes Association is spoon-feeding people with diabetes: sugar.

Not to worry: We've got the solution right here.

...and leads in with the controversial approach to managing and reversing diabetes of one small town doctor in Kansas, Mary Vernon, MD.

Her secret weapon against the disease? A low-carb diet.

There's no question Dr. Vernon is trouble - but for whom? Not her patients, that's for certain. They just won't stay sick. People walk into her office afflicted with type II diabetes and, by every objective medical measure, walk out cured. There's $51-million that says that isn't supposed to happen, not in a clinic in Kansas, and definitely not the result of cleaning out the refrigerator.


If Dr. Vernon and a growing cadre of researchers are correct about carbohydrates, we may be looking at an epic case of ignorance on the part of the medical community. That, however, pales next to the implications for the American Diabetes Association, namely that the very organization dedicated to conquering diabetes is rejecting what could be the closest thing we have to a cure.

This is one of those must read articles!

Go on.....go and read it now!

Part 2 of Fatally Flawed Health & Risk Paradigms is rescheduled for posting tomorrow!


  1. For a few more days I am still under contract with a Pharma....and as of a week or two ago, I could still access Mens Health Web Site. This morning when I clicked on the link to read the article, I found it has been blocked. Coincidnece?

  2. Email me and I'll email you the text if you can't access it!


  3. Loved the article....sent it to my sister, not that I think it will matter.

    Love your blog Regina....I quote you a lot!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  4. Great article! I printed it out to give to my Dad when I see him at Thanksgiving. He takes daily insulin shots because his diabetes has on;y become worse over time.

  5. That article is just devastating. (For the ADA that is.)

  6. Anonymous8:25 AM

    While the article is quite interesting (and brings nothing really new for low-carb aware readers), there is a factual error in the starting paragraph which is, in my opinion, important to correct, because this error is very commonly held, even among a lot of scientist. Fructose does not convert to glucose but is rapidly transformed in fat when enough other energy sources are available. This explains the higher fattening property of sucrose and HFCS than for starch.