Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged - Again!

Online Christian over at Low-Carb Lolygagging tagged me last week to post 8 random things about me. Once I've posted that, I'm supposed to tag eight more people to do the same. Here goes:

1. I love to cook, but hate cleaning up afterward....anyone who knows me, knows I can cook up a storm - but leave a kitchen disater in the wake - in preparing one meal, I can use every pot, pan, knife, bowl (you get the idea) available....and cleaning up will take longer than eating the meal did!

2. My newest nickname was born through my nephew; when he was learning to talk he'd babble at me "rah rah", almost six years later I'm "aunt rah-rah" to him and my neice, and "rah-rah" has pretty much stuck with my husband, sister, brother-inlaw, some friends...even my son sometimes calls me "mama rah-rah"

3. Since we moved (just over a year ago) I still haven't figured out what I'd like to do for color in our home - every wall remains platinum white and just begs for color....oh, I have ideas, I just can't seem to commit to any color yet!

4. Four years (plus some) after getting married, my passport remains in my maiden name - it's finally going to expire, so I'll need to renew and change my name on it reason for keeping my maiden name on it was nothing more than not wanting to have to pay to change my name.

5. I can't bring myself to eat scrambled eggs without ketchup; all because when I was a kid (ripe old age of four) I had a stomach bug and did the projectile vomit thing at breakfast one morning and in my kid-think-mind it was the eggs, not a stomach virus, that made me sick. To this day I cannot eat plain scrambled eggs without ketchup on them.

6. I can't sing (doesn't stop me, although now when my son says "mommy noooo" I will stop), can't dance, can't whistle or play an instrument.

7. I like to tinker with HTML and website design. My latest tinkering is with the website for my husband's practice at Mid-Missouri Reproductive Medicine & Surgery - it's not quite finished, but you can see it in the link.

8. I'm still amazed and surprised when I find I'm included in someone's blogroll or mentioned in an article that links back here - I started this blog as, well, a hobby...and am thrilled it's reached the level of readership it has; but the bigger surprise to me is that others link here! So, thanks!

And now I'm tagging:
Dr. Jonny Bowden
Fred Hahn
Cassandra Forsythe
PJ, the Divine Low-Carb
Jimmy Moore
Sweet Tart
Kevin Dill
Mark Sisson


  1. Hey Regina! THANKS for tagging me and my blog, but you're about 8 months too late--I have already been tagged and responded back in December 2006. I appreciate you thinking of me though! Learned some stuff about you that I didn't know.

    Bye "rah-rah!" :D

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I loved reading your 8 things about you! We are a lot alike. I also love to cook, hate to clean, have trouble decorating my house, make web pages, and sing badly! Cool!

  3. See...I was tagged before too....tagged again, so do it again....get it? ;)

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM

    That's a really cute hubby you have there!

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Interesting stuff about you. I also don't like cleaning up after cooking and can leave a wake in the kitchen when I cook!

  6. That's a really cute hubby you have there!

    Thanks Kim! I think so too!

  7. I did number 5 when I was a kid though it was my Dad's fried potatoes. I still can't stand fried potatoes, course I guess that's a blessing.

    I love to cook too. But it was my Dad, and now my husband that hate to clean. Both will use 5 pots, 3 spatulas, 27 knives and every measuring cup and bowl they can find for a one pot dish! Good thing I don't mind cleaning. Seems I'm always doing dishes late at night.

    I feel like I know you better now. And you're too modest, you're blog is one of the best sources for low carb nutrition and research hands down.

  8. Thanks for playing Regina!! It is really kinda neat to learn about other low carbers whose blogs we follow on a regular basis!!

    Thanks too for getting Jimmy to play! He he he!! :)

  9. Nice website! Needs a webmaster contact link at the bottom. ;-)

    I did that food poisoning thing when I was about 19. The tragedy is that I had recently moved across the street--literally, I could walk there from my backyard in about 45 seconds-- from this awesome tiny little hole-in-the-wall gourmet pizza place. Pizza... my favorite food. So one day I ate some bad eggsalad. A couple hours later, I ate pizza. So guess what I totally associated with the illness. I could not even THINK of eating pizza for over six months. And by the time I was finally capable of considering it again, we moved! It was like some trickster punishment.

    I will respond to your tagging. Hope I can combine it with another tag(s)!

    Hope you're doing well Regina. My work schedule is ridiculous right now but this weekend I hope to catch up around the lowcarb world.