Thursday, December 06, 2007

Housekeeping Update

Since launching Weight of the Evidence I've been reluctant to include banner ads in an effort to avoid the perception of potential conflict-of-interest. Maintaining the blog, however, is time consuming and does come with some expenses - like the occasional study I have to pay to obtain full-text access to, domain name renewal each year, book purchases, etc.

Thus far, I've managed to maintain the blog ad-free (with the exception of the Amazon Affiliates program linking to books) but have found myself setting aside the blog writing more and more often in favor of other projects...and then missing my blog and the writing and time involved in it!

So, in an effort to see if the blog can cover its own expenses, I'm testing the water with some banner ads. At this point I'm still a bit reluctant and am being very selective about the banner ads I do choose to include here.

For now the advertisements you see, I can assure you that they meet certain conditions if they're here:

1. I have purchased product or service from the company and was very satisfied with service, product and customer care
2. No companies have a "dog in the fight" of diet and nutrition
3. Some have something "valuable" to offer - like uPromise for college savings (I've been a member myself since before my son was born)
4. As always, if it's a book, I've purchased it myself, read it and recommend it (expcet where noted - ie. Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories)

I'll evaluate how things are going with this in 90-days and consider reader comments and feedback about whether to continue after the 90-days pass. I'll be mixing things up - adding banners at the end of posts, in the sidebar, and in the footers.

Thank you for your patience!


  1. Regina - I would be very cautious about censoring even ads. While you have to reject obviously dishonest ads you don't want to get into the position of an ad here is Regina's seal of approval. This does not mean that you can't comment on an ad, ie, deny its claims, usually a few days later. Look at Scientific American (another of my favorites), their ads include some fairly wacko things. You might even get really proper about this and have a friend handle the ads, thus establishing that the ad department and the editorial department do not generally share information. Anyway I have no objection to ads, and probably won't buy things. Rob

  2. At this point, I'm allowing Goggle Ads as they happen - no holds barred - to see how it goes. With banner ads, I'm being selective in which companies to allow on the blog...and for now trying to keep it where those that are here don't have a vested interest either way in low-carb or low-fat.

    That said, I do see your point and really do like the idea of maybe having someone other than me do the picking and choosing so that I'm out of that loop! I've been torn on the issue since launching the blog, and now after more than two years, curious to see if the blog can indeed support itself or not. I guess we'll see how it goes and how other readers comment on this trial!

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I would say yes, definitely keep the diet- and food-industry ads out. You don't want to lose credibility because a low-carb skeptic comes along and say, "Oh, of course she says that, she's paid by the CarbSmart people."

  4. How about a paypal donation button?

  5. I'm also reluctant to allow the ads on my blog, but have the Amazon links for products I like. I had google, but stopped it....might start up again.

    I like the idea of having "public service" type ads tho! I love reading your blog! So put up as many ads as you like!!

  6. When I first saw this post, I said "What ads?!" because I hadn't even noticed them. Seriously, they're not obnoxious or obtrusive at all, and I do like the fact that they're all items/services that you've used and would recommend.

    I'm not much on buying things online, so in the interest of wanting to help you support the blog, I was curious as to whether you get paid per click, or only if someone actually buys something when they click on the ad.

  7. I have an add on for Firefox that blocks ads, I didn't know there were any ads here.