Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Big Fat Diet - Now Available on DVD

In March of this year I posted about a low-carbohydrate diet study, conducted in a small village on Alert Bay in Canada, with those from the area participating in what would be a ground-breaking trial to see the effect of returning to a dietary composition which reflected more traditional ratios of fat, carbohydrate and protein without going back to an absolutely pure traditional diet based on only traditional foods.

As I noted in my post, the findings were "expected" - it was reported that subjects in the study, following the dietary approach:

Lost 10.1% of body weight
Shed 9.7% of their waist circumference
Improved their waist-to-hip ratios significantly
Triglycerides (TG) declined 19.9%
HDL rose 17.4%
TG/HDL ratio improved 30.2%
TC/HDL ratio improved 11.5%
Total Cholesterol (TC) and LDL had no significant change

What's neat about this study is that they didn't just participate and then have researchers follow-up and report the findings - they also filmed a documentary about the study while it was in progress.

That documentary is now available and you can purchase a copy here! (for the record, I have no vested interest in sales of the DVD)


  1. A coincidence that you should post this. I mentioned this very study to the nutrition adviser I met yesterday and she said they did not feel it had been a success because the blood fats were not down enough. If was only started in March it has not had that long to change and the improvements that have been made are tremendous. I hope they don't encourage those people back to lots of carbs.

  2. I see now that they have been on it a year but I still think the results are worth staying on it.