Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Trails to you....


  1. I can understand fries not rotting. Fat and salt both act as preservatives. The fries are cooked in sunflower/rapeseed oil so perhaps there's something more preserving about that too. Comparing an uncooked piece of potato to a heavily salted, cooked in fat piece of potato is a silly comparison.

  2. I am upset by the you tube video of the Mc D's food. What happens to a home cooked burger with time cooked under the same conditions? What happens to a french fry home cooked under the same conditions? These questions are unanswered in the video. I'm sure an uncooked potato would spoil but what if it is cooked under the same conditions as Mc D's? I think the Utube show is a very unfair blast at Mc D's.

  3. Although this is amusing, is it really news-/blog-worthy? Ever since the documentary "Super-Size Me," McDonald's has been the whipping boy of every nutritionist. Hell, even McDonald's biggest sellers are its *salads*!

    So, what's the point of displaying this video?

    P.S. -- The author's books are, shall we say, "lightweight."

  4. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Would you like your own dried hamburger and french fries? I can easily produce them in a dehydrator. Many dehydrated foods do not look any different than fresh. It is not an indication that it is not food. If it had been kept in a dry environment, it would have dried that way. Raw potatoes, cut, will turn dark quickly because it is the nature of the potato. Apples on the other hand will retain their light color.

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I had no idea that Julia Havey is that heavy. On her website and her book jackets, she's much slimmer and trimmer!

  6. I was confused at first. I know Julia Havey had an old happy meal, but she looked bigger than in the other pictures I had seen. I really didn't recognize her until the announcer mentioned her name. The announcer was slimmer than she was. Is Julia regaining?

    As for McDonald's, I only eat there when in a bind. Sure, they have salads, but their dressings are high in sugar and their chicken is injected with sugar. I once got a chicken bacon ranch salad and the full fat ranch dressing had 9 g of carbs. Fortuantely I was at home and had lower carb ranch. I agree the comparison is unfair as we don't know what burgers & fries made at home would do. However, there are other reasons to avoid McD's.

  7. She doesn't look like a very active obesity activist.

  8. Preservatives? Eh, I don't see her point. It's very sensational, not scientific at all. Her ending point is that the food "doesn't break down" is just propaganda.

    I'm really grateful for mcdonalds...most fast food places have awesome salads now, mcdonalds included. I also really like their sugar free vanilla iced coffee -- this is without a doubt the best around.

    Preservative treated food doesn't cause obesity... Potatoes do. That's why the host is still so overweight (and apparently regaining), as she considers a "real food potato" okay to eat because it decays?

    If she understood that insulin (carbs mainly) cause obesity, she could eat salads at mcdonalds, burgers without the bun with mayo, and possibly lose more weight. Ironic.
    I maintain my weight eating anything, the only thing that makes me really start eating and gaining is spiking insulin with carbs and large meals and stuff of that nature.

  9. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Black may be slimming, but it won't perform miracles.

  10. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Regarding comment:
    ItsTheWooo said...
    Preservatives? Eh, I don't see her point. It's very sensational, not scientific at all. Her ending point is that the food "doesn't break down" is just propaganda.

    Preservative treated food doesn't cause obesity... Potatoes do.

    You do have a point but recent studies show that the preservatives in food do actually preserve the fat in your body and prevent entering fat from breaking down b/c the preservatives have been stored in your body. This is a reason why even skinny girls have cellulite. Therefore, if someone already has excess fat and continues to eat the processed and additive filled foods of our nation it can cause you to gain more weight and become obese. Many of the foods labeled healthy actually are not - ingredient label reading is very important for healthy eating. Understand, that if you can't pronounce or are confused by the majority of the ingredients listed then why would you put that in your body. Most of the ingredients don't just result in obesity but lead to many illnesses and diseases, possibly even cancer. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on these issues.

  11. Awesome video...true if a french fry has the grease in it after 3 years there must be more harm in it than we can imagine.

  12. never knew that the french fries could make it as museum pieces and cause no rust to them...shocking actully.