Saturday, January 19, 2013

Join Me on Facebook Too

Weight of the Evidence is on Facebook too.

The group page (private) is Weight of the Evidence Group Page

Once you ask to join, you'll be approved.  The group is moderated and the group is private, so discussions within the group are not publicly visible.

The main page (public) is Weight of the Evidence

That is an open page where I post links to articles here and elsewhere that are of interest.  Discussion there is open and seen by anyone who opens the page.

I hope to see you on Facebook, and I'll be continuing to post here too!


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Can't make healthy cells without protein and saturated fat. If healthy cells aren't made after each meal, well, it's not long before we're sick. It's not simply a matter of what we weigh, but the fact that what we eat supports our health in the most critical way.

  2. Have you heard that Jimmy's fat again? The low carb community desperately needs your voice of sanity at this juncture. Jimmy MUST be called out by the voices that matter.