Monday, June 13, 2005

Obesity Adds Nine Years

A team of researchers from the United States and Britain found that the more people weigh, the older their cells appear on a molecular level, with obesity adding the equivalent of nearly nine years of age to a person's body.

As reported in the Washington Post, this is the first direct evidence that fat accelerates aging, possibly speeding the unraveling of crucial genetic structures inside cells that wither with age. The findings suggest that many health problems associated with being overweight -- heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis -- may result from fat cells hastening the natural aging process.

Tim Spector of St. Thomas Hospital in London, who led the study, which was published online yesterday by the Lancet medical journal noted, "This may not be apparent because these people may not have as many wrinkles. But underneath it looks like they are aging at a faster rate."

This accelerated cellular aging may explain why an alarming number of obese children are developing the most common form of diabetes - prior to the increase of obesity among the young, it almost invariably was seen only in adults. Young children today are also showing signs of cardiovascular disease and degenerative diseases once only seen in aging adults.

Ask yourself - do you want to shorten your life expectacy? Do you want to accelerate the aging process in your children?

If you don't, now is the time to stop eating poorly and get yourself back on track by eating well and healing your body with good nutrition. Role model for your children and make available to them only healthy foods in your home. When you eat out or with family and friends, help them make good choices from the selections that are available. And, yes, you can even learn to have an occassional treat too!

Evidence suggests that damage from poor eating habits is reversible - you can heal your body by eating right and ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs for well-being. Start by returning to the basics - whole foods, organic when possible, and lots of water. Become active, get out in the sunshine and enjoy walking, riding a bike or exploring nature with your family! No one can do this for you or your family - only you can take control of what you eat, what your family eats and the lifestyle you create for your loved ones.

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