Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Splenda Ads Deceptive - New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against Johnson & Johnson for misleading marketing practices in advertisements for the chlorinated artificial sweetener Splenda. "This complaint is on the basis that Splenda is being compared directly to sugar and misleading and confusing consumers into thinking it's as natural as sugar because it's 'made from sugar and tastes like sugar,'" according to the upheld complaint.

The Authority's Advertising Standards Complaints Board, made up of representatives from New Zealand's advertising and marketing agencies, reviewed 15 second and 30 second versions of an ad for the artificial sweetener along with focus group input. The Board determined that the ad deceived consumers into thinking Splenda is all natural like sugar, when it is actually a chemical compound. "The (Splenda) advertisement...gave rise to a likelihood of a consumer being confused and mislead as a result of the comparison in the advertisement," the Board decided. According to the ASA, when the Board upholds a complaint, they ask the company not to run the ad again. Read more...

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