Friday, December 02, 2005

Can You See the Madness?

The Kansas City InfoZine today published an interesting article - Nutrition Notes: Do You Get Enough Vitamin B-12?

As I've previously written, many Americans are falling short of this essential vitamin due to their diet - and it's not just vegans and strict vegetarians who are falling short, but also average people who limit their intake of animal products in an effort to limit their fat intake.

So, I was not surprised to see this sentence in the article:
However, if people cut back on animal foods, as they should, to eat a mostly plant-based diet that will lower their cancer risk, careless choices could leave them short. [emphasis mine]

This was followed by:
Two modest servings of poultry, lean meat, or seafood plus two cups of lowfat, skim, or nonfat milk or yogurt allow a person to meet this RDA. But if you skip dairy products and have only a moderate serving of meat at one meal, you could fall short without including fortified cereal or soy products in your daily choices. [emaphsis mine]

Good grief, have we really come to thinking that we "should" eat a mostly plant-based diet even though cutting back on animal foods clear puts us at risk for not meeting our B-12 requirement? Worse yet, why to we accept that "fortified" foods are an acceptable substitute for the very foods - food from animals - we are designed to eat?

To me this is just sheer madness.

Did you know we are one of a handful of countries that eat the most processed foods?

Think it's just a coincidence that we're also among the fattest and least healthy among industrialized nations?

I think not.

In our sheer madness we've thrown reason and common sense out the window, dismiss our evolutionary past, and ignore the obvious - all in favor of consensus opinions and politically correct dietary recommendations. Where exactly is the scientific evidence - long term - controlled - that supports this idea that we are going to be healthier if we reduce our intake of animal products, restrict our fat intake and beef up (no pun intended) our diet with fortified, processed foods?

Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, yeah, that's right - there is no long-term evidence that suggests the dietary recommendations we are bombarded with each day from the media, from "leading" medical organizations and from experts and public policy makers are going to positively impact our health and well-being in the long-term.

In fact there has never been a long-term, randomized, controlled study to investigate the effect of the very recommendations we are told will lead to a longer, healthier life.

If you're not angry about this, you should be. You should be angry that you're being given advice on how to eat that is making you and your children sick.

Our natural diet is not one that was (or should be) high in refined carbohydrates, sugars, additives, chemicals, preservatives, man-made was not comprised of mostly processed foods in boxes, cans or jars nor dairy foods stripped of the fats to meet politically correct "low-fat" or "no-fat" ideals...and it certainly was not such that our ancestors sought to remove every last visible bit of fat from the animal foods eaten like meats, organs, game and poultry.

Do you want to know why a controlled-carb diet works? It is getting those who follow the dietary approach back to the basics - fats, proteins and nutrient-dense vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and yes, even fruits!

And that my friends remains the throne in the side of the diet dictocrats who want you to ignore the obvious too - we're getting fatter and sicker as each day goes by because the dietary recommendations we are told to follow are fatally flawed - they fail to meet our essential requirements and thus fail to keep us healthy and allow us to thrive long-term!

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  1. Human existence is the long-term effect of following a natural diet—what other proof do we need that it’s the right one for us?

    I’m not angry about idiotic advice—I simply ignore it. Natural selection will ensure the politically correct diet dictocrats (and those who follow their advice) will die out eventually. This will leave more grass-fed meats and organic produce for the smartest individuals, resulting in a more advanced species (hehehe!).