Friday, February 10, 2006

Diet Can Affect Fertility

Fertility doctors at the Davis Clinic in Davis, California, are using diet and nutrition to aid women seeking fertility treatments. As reported by KCRA-3, the dietary approach of choice - controlled carbohydrate!

The reason is that carbohydrate restricted diets stabilize insulin. This dietary approach works well because elevated insulin levels can impair fertility. Insulin is produced when we eat carbohydrates, and refined carbohydrates can send insulin surging to counter the high level of blood sugar produced.

As the article notes, Doctors have known for a decade that carbohydrates and sugars produce elevated insulin levels, which affect fertility.

Dr. Ernest Zeringue, of California IVF: Davis Fertility Clinic, has been using nutrition as part of his fertility treatment for nearly four years.

"The insulin can interfere with the development of the eggs as they're growing, as well as interfere with the establishment of a pregnancy inside the uterus," Zeringue said.

So at the Davis Clinic they use a diet that restricts carbohydrate, yet is simple to follow. It restricts carbohydrates and sugars, such as pasta, baked goods and orange juice, but allows generous helpings of meats, fruits, vegetables, most nuts and dairy products.

While not stated in the article, such a diet can also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes since it helps to keep blood sugars and insulin stable.

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