Friday, January 19, 2007

Do you Know What's in your Child's Salad Dressing at School?

Students at Plum Senior High School, in Pennsylvania, weren't told their school was a test site for z-Trim, an alternative fat developed by the USDA; licensed for sale to FiberGel Technologies.

As the Pittsburgh-Tribune reported, "[t]he district has used the product for 10 months, but the students weren't told that until yesterday."

As a parent, I find this disconcerting - children being used as test subjects without consent; fed a man-made grain-based ingredient in food without their knowledge; in a taxpayer funded public school district, no less!

What other things are our kids used a lab rats for in schools today?


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    So what else is new? I'm not a parent, but I've observed that school kids are the lab rats for a continuing series of educational experiments, as well as nutritional ones, that have the potential to wreck 'em for life. "Whole word" reading anyone? Oh, and Middle Schools weren't such a hot idea after all. No Child Left Behind? Don't get me started. Here, kid. Take this brown bag, and trade nothing. --bkloots

  2. I'm glad my kids attend a private school. That strikes me as plain unethical.

    As for z-Trim, looks like another attempt to battle fat with processed franken-food. I'm doing fine with my natural fats, thanks.

  3. I also was shocked when I read this article!!! I'm so glad my 2 are grown!!! Now I guess (in a few years) I'll just have to worry about the grand-babies!

    If I was a parent with kids at that school I would be raising hell!!

  4. It is bad enough that our government uses our money to develop this “food”, while feeding us bushel loads of propaganda about how dangerous real food is. Using children as “test subjects”, with out the informed consent of their parents is something you would expect to read about in a history class, think WWII, European theater.

  5. This low fat religion has gone too far.

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Seems we are being used as test rabbits for just about everything now. Germs in vaccinations, rubbish in food. When will we say enough is enough? How can a government justify all of this experimentation? we are doing the best we can? is the usual answer.