Friday, March 09, 2007

Calling for Low-Carb/Controlled-Carb Success Stories

Dana Carpender is one of the folks within the controlled-carb community whom I adore - she's "good people" with an insanely fun personality - she tells it like it is and isn't shy about doing so. She's defnitely a go-getter and not afraid to speak her mind or tackle the hard questions.

Like many of us who've continued along over the years as low-carb waxed and waned in the media, but never stopped gaining in the supporting evidence department, she's convinced it's time to set the story straight about carbohydrate restriction - how to do it properly to lose weight, and more importantly, how to maintain weight loss over the years.

She as my vote of confidence - I followed a low-carb diet to lose 80-pounds back in 2001 and have since maintained that weight loss with a basic carbohydrate controlled approach. My husband, Gil, used a low-carb diet to shed over 100-pounds since 2002 and has since maintained that weight loss with the same basic carbohydrate controlled approach. Dana herself has utilized a carbohydrate restricted diet as her eating style since 1995! Twelve years and counting.

I have no doubt there are millions of us out there, across the US and around the world who've lost weight and maintained our loss without much fuss.

The big question - how do we do it?

Everyone says it's impossible to follow a low-carb (carbohydrate restricted) diet for the long-term; that it's boring; that it eventually will lead to declines in health over the long term. Those of us doing it - day to day, year after year - we know it works and we keep at it because it works.

Now it's time to share with others the how and why of long-term success with carbohydrate restriction!

Dana is asking for our help - she'd like to interview everyone she possibly can in the coming months about the how they do it and why they continue with carbohydrate restriction.

She's posed several questions to start a dialogue, initially via email with those interested in participating in this project:

To what do you attribute your success? Was it support from friends? Family? Online support?

Have you learned to cook a wide variety of low carbohydrate meals?

Planning ahead?

Feeling a lot better?

What do you consider to be the two or three most crucial components in your low carb success?

What were your biggest stumbling blocks? Lack of support, or downright sabotage? Naysaying from your doctor? Boredom with the food? Emotional carb cravings? Discouragement with a plateau? Budget and time constraints? Impulsive eating when junk appears in front of you?

Dana would like to get the project off the ground as soon as possible and is asking for your email replies at

Take a few moments to drop her an email if you'd like to share your success!

She's putting together a proposal and would like to have emails to her by Monday - so what are you waiting for? Email her now!


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    This is a great idea.

    Why doesn't she put up a National Controlled Carb Registry.

    It has always bugged me that the existing "national registry" uses such a flawed instrument, and yet is taken as some kind of trustworthy thing. Blech.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM


    My friend has lost 10 pounds in 3 days and we didn't weigh her yesterday, but plan to do so Monday.

    She has all my emails, books, etc. and she said she doesn't miss anything about a low-fat diet.

    She tried to follow her doctor orders after pregnancy, but lost nothing. I said, "Give this a whirl." She said she loves it and doesn't know to smack me for going astray or hug me for keeping all my documentation that's giving her success.

    Anyway you say it, I'm thinking twice about it myself as my weight goes up drinking skim milk while hers goes down eating fish and a large salad.

  3. I think this is a great idea! I wanted to participate but I have only maintined my weight loss of 140 lbs for 17 months. I am already looking forward to buying the book!