Monday, March 03, 2008

Items of Interest

While I have a number of posts in the works that I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm a bit swamped - so rather than not post anything, I thought I'd post some interesting news:


  1. Great links Regina, thanks!

    I really hope that food warning label doesn't come out. I'll just have to go into Tesco and remove every label I see and stick it on the bread ;)


  2. I'll just have to go into Tesco and remove every label I see and stick it on the bread ;)

    Hey, now there's an idea!

    ...evil grin...

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Count me in! I have been known to move the "Heart Healthy" stickers my local supermarket plasters on the shelves. Take it from the whole wheat bread, put it on the ribeye ...

    :: cackles madly ::

  4. Nice move migraineur!

  5. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Thanks Regina they were great, did you read the comments on the cheese article, they were even better than the article itself, heh heh, don't think this will go very far in the UK!


  6. Heh, heh. I move the books around in the "natural food" store bookshelves. I move all my favorite low carb and hypothyroidism books to prominent positions (cover facing out) and move the veganism/vegetarian and anti-fat books to more obscure positions.

    I'm not surprised at the UK cheese warnings. Cheese ads were already fingered as unsuitable for broadcast during children's TV programing. I think this might be the final coffin the nail of some of the best cheeses in the world. Sad, very sad. Enjoy the Stilton, et al, while we can.

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  8. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Anna, that's funny, I just got back from a bookstore where I hid some of Mehmet Oz's latest natterings behind a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories.

  9. Well, I don't really consider myself an activist, but in a way, isn't this sort of a guerilla war? Don't we have to adapt our tactics to the oppression and opposition? If we can't dazzle them with our reason, at least we can hide their books and confuse the label readers.

    (evil grin)

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