Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Finds...

Hat tip to Lou Schuler to the link featuring the level of stupidy some sink to as a form of protest - seems Mark McGowan, a "performance artist" and VEGETARIAN in the UK ate a dead dog to protest fox hunting.

What will he do for an encore?


PJ, over at the Divine Low-Carb, has a piece about Low-Carb and Gardens.

"Today I was reading the blog Weight of the Evidence, and she was talking about trying to successfully live, let alone lowcarb, on a pitifully small amount of money.

It got me thinking about gardens. You know, the last century's radical shift away from gardening is not just about free time. If anything people have more free time than they ever did, culturally -- they just have other priorities, of course. I suspect it's more about a trend of basically avoiding responsibility, in a way. I don't mean if you don't have a garden you're irresponsible (haha!), I mean that as a culture at large it seems like we grow more and more toward "paying someone to feed us or fix us."

Go know you want to continue reading....


The obese seem to be viewed with greater disdain than smokers, at least in the UK.

Poll data released shows 66% public there supports the idea of denying surgery to obese people; just 33% said those who smoke should be denied surgery.


Sounds suspiciously carbohydrate-restricted to me...

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