Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Hey, Wait a Minute!

Earlier this month, I wrote about an article in Diabetes Health, titled The Optimal Eating Plan for Type 2 Diabetes?, in my post Diet for Diabetes Mired in Half-Truths. It seems someone over at Diabetes Health changed the title - now "Why You Don't Want to Go Low Carb or Vegan," with the text appearing to be unchanged.

Why the change?

More importantly, why no disclosure to readers that the title was changed?

Be Careful what you Wish For...

Good article today over at Junk Food Science (Sandy Szwarc), who does some critical analysis of the heavily promoted healthcare reforms taking place in many states.Medical Privacy Update: Healthcare for all

Luxuriate in Low-Carb

As Jimmy Moore pointed out earlier this week, a survey is open for low-carbers interested in a vacation retreat. The data collected will hopefully be the basis for a low-carb retreat to learn about and live a low-carb lifestyle while enjoying a vacation too!

Stuck on Stupid Award

Some Frito-Lay Products to Bear Heart Claim

Vegetable oils, salad dressings, crackers and other oil-containing foods made by PepsiCo Inc.'s Frito-Lay unit will now carry claims that products with unsaturated fat can curb the risk of heart disease, U.S. regulators said on Friday.

"Frito-Lay intends to apply the claim to vegetable oils, spreads, and shortenings that have a total unsaturated fat content of 80 (percent) or more of total fat," the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement.

Packaging for such foods would say "replacing saturated fat with similar amounts of unsaturated fats may reduce the risk of heart disease. To achieve this benefit, total daily calories should not increase," according to the agency.

The company notified the FDA in January about its intent to add the claim to some of its products. The FDA said any food meeting the agency's requirements could carry the claim. It would also apply to sauces, dips and other snacks.

You can read the basis of the new health claim at the FDA website.


The Tao of Twinkies

Is That 'thar Meat you Got in your Mouth?

Can you imagine a day when eating meat might be outlawed?


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Meat production doesn't cause global warming. Check out the April 2007 issue of Analog. A science article titled 'The Ice Age That Wasn't' made a pretty good case that global warming can be linked to the amount of land under cultivation at a given time. What does most land under cultivation produce? Grains. Let's outlaw that instead.

  2. Grains. Let's outlaw that instead.

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  3. The fallacy of this type of thinking is they, the 'policy makers', don't actually farm, especially not livestock and most importantly not livestock on pasture. They don't understand that not all land is viable for cropping yet may be ideal for raising livestock on pasture such as sheep, cows, pigs, goats and poultry.

    We raise pigs, sheep and poultry on pasture without grain, petroleum fertilizer or heavy iron as the term goes for those monster machines that cultivate the mid-west. This also means my wife and I don't commute to work and that right there saves tremendously on our 'carbon footprint'.

    What we need is less government micro-management of our lives and we need people to get out of the cities and back to real life.

  4. The title change... I think you missed the point of the series. There's 5 parts in the series where the two doctors square off and wrote articles arguing for or against the low carb diet. So the Dr. Bernstein article said something pro-low carb in the title, but the Dr. Barnyard article was the one with the anti-low carb title. You just have to press "previous article" to see the various titles.

  5. The title change... I think you missed the point of the series. There's 5 parts in the series where the two doctors square off and wrote articles arguing for or against the low carb diet.

    I'm well aware there were five parts in the series, and the original title was purporting to communicate to readers the current ADA advice is the "optimal" diet for diabetics. It stood as titled for quite some time and the change is recent AND without disclosure to readers it was changed. That was my reason for pointing it out once again. Thanks for stopping by!