Thursday, August 11, 2005

Did I Mention?

Once or twice a week I review my blog stats and see who's linking to me that I may not know about. Today I had the surprise of learning my blog was mentioned by Jeremy Likeness, in his blog Natural Physiques!

He included this about Weight of the Evidence:

In the spirit of cross-blogging, I encourage you to check out Weight of the Evidence, a very interesting blog. I love the slogan, "Health = Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Activity." You'll find some great links and well-written information about the positive benefits of low-carb nutrition.

Thanks Jeremy!

For my readers, Jeremy's blog is rich with information and complements my own belief that healthy living involves the mind, body, and spirit. Each day he provides commentary on a variety of topics related to health and well-being that I think you'll enjoy!

In the same spirit of cross links and mention, have you noticed I've added more links in my sidebar?

When you have some time, take a moment to head over to and read...

Connie Bennet's Sugar Shock!
Levi Wallach's 12-Black Code Monkeys
Katherine Prouty's Low-Carb Freedom

...each has a unique style and perspective, offering some great ideas and insights into eating well.

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