Monday, November 06, 2006

November is National Diabetes Month

It's November and that means it's National Diabetes Month!

This year my blog is going to focus on diabetes throughout the month - I'll highlight issues, evidence and resources for those at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes, and also introduce you to a number of individuals who have taken charge of their health and are effectively controlling blood sugars through various approaches.

We often hear and read about the "inevitable" complications of diabetes - throughout the month I wish to bring hope, highlight approaches that may keep those complications away, and feature individuals who are living examples of those not content with simply "good enough" but whom are committed to excellence in controlling their diabetes. It is my hope these individuals will inspire and motivate readers to learn more about why controlling blood sugars is critically important and how to effectively educate yourself about how to regain control.

As you'll learn throughout the month, it isn't always easy, it isn't always fun, and it isn't always by the ADA guidelines. That's the beauty of getting to know these folks - they searched, educated themselves, tweaked and still continously modify as they integrate various approaches into their daily lives that work for them as individuals. While those diagnosed with diabetes share many common health issues, diabetes is still an individual disease that one must tackle like any other challenge in life - by finding what works for you as an individual!

I'll also highlight recent developments in the research, address various issues that are often on the minds of those with diabetes, and present various resources to help my readers continue learning more!

November is National Diabetes Month - let's take this opportunity to learn and grow in our understanding of what is quickly becoming a national health crisis so we can reverse the current trends and take back our health as a nation!

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  1. I am looking forward to your posts!!!

    I have several people I'll be sending links to!