Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sidebar Updates

Let me take a moment to highlight additions to the list of resources in the sidebar:

Welcome to Dr. Briffa, Dr. Davis, Alan and Lou Schuler - they each have a blog you may be interested in visiting and reading.

Two new links to support forums are also among the additions - Beyond Low-Carb and Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Forum.

Blogs and support forum links that no longer appear in my sidebar were removed, for the most part, for lack of timely updates. It should be noted that I don't always agree with those I link to - keeps things interesting! - but each blog or forum I do provide a link to does have compelling content and is a good read!

If there is a blog you host or know of that you think others might enjoy, email me for consideration - I update my sidebar about once a month.

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