Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday Menu

Yesterday I had to mix things up a bit:

Atkins Cafe Au Lait Protein Shake
Coffee with heavy cream
200mcg chromium picolinate

Sliced leftover roast chicken
Multivitamin w/o iron
2 Atkins Essential Oils
Coffee with heavy cream

Romaine, cucumbers, chicken breast, sliced almonds with blue cheese dressing
Fish oil
Unsweetened iced tea with fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1000mg Vitamin C
50mg Zinc

Late Afternoon
2 cough drops with zinc and echinacea
Fresh picked organic cherry tomatoes (I'll specify here - 4)

Meat Lovers Frittata (made with eggs, imported diced proscuitto, uncured bacon, and fresh made sausage and topped with cheddar and swiss)
500mg L-Carnetine

I did continue with the vitamin C, zinc and ecinacea even though I was feeling a bit better....this morning, I'm happy to report I'm feeling MUCH better and it seems my immune system has kicked the virus/bacteria out of my respiratory system and today I'll probably have some lingering stuffiness that will disappear as the day continues and my immune system continues to do its magic.

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