Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekly Round-up

Last week Dr. Mike Eades commented on the FDA approval of spraying viruses on our food in An opportunity for the law of unintended consequences to rear its head. I'm personally not fond of the idea food companies are going to be spraying viruses on our food in an effort to eliminate bacteria. One more reason, in my mind, to skip the processed foods and stick with real, whole food.

One of my all-time favorite nutritionists, Dr. Jonny Bowden, has a collection that anyone trying to lose weight should consider adding to their library - The Power to Change is a series of CD's designed to motivate, motivate, motivate. There are three separate collections - Change your Body, Change your Life; 23 Ways to Improve your Life; and 9 Essential Steps to Weight Loss. Each may be purchased separately or you can save some money when you purchase all three. For the record, I receive absolutely NO compensation for linking to these great CD's!

Anthony Colpo, author of The Great Cholesterol Con (soon to be reviewed here), and webmaster of the infamous (and missed) launched a new forum online -

CalorieLab reported that Low-carb blogging is contagious....and then, Jimmy Moore highlighted the latest entry into the blogosphere by Dr. Mary Vernon with the newly created blog, Ask Dr. Vernon. I'm looking forward to future posts and hope you'll add her blog to your "must read" list!

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