Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Low-Carb Menus

I've posted menus over the last two weeks to provide some insight into how I eat when following a low-carb diet. If you've been reading them each day, you might have noticed they're consistently similar each day. This week, with no increase in carbohydrate, my menu is going to look very similar to last week's, and with time limited this next week, I won't be posting menus each day since 14-days worth of menus are available as example!


  1. I wonder though, is there a way to do an Atkins-type diet without meat...?

    It never seems to be an option in most of these low-carb diets I've seen around.

    Any way to do this without the meat?



  2. Hi Martha,

    A number of people modify the diet to be vegetarian.