Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching Up!

I've been completely swamped here and the time crunch has impacted my timeliness for posts here. After almost a week of preparing for our big summer party and pulling it off yesterday with more than 50 here, I have quite a bit of clean-up today to prepare for houseguests arriving tomorrow!

So, rather than leave things as they are here, and have nothing new...I'll post some places where others have written about studies or things I've had on my pile to get to, and then, hopefully will be back in full swing before the end of the week!

First up - Dr. Jay Wortman interviewed Gary Taubes about his upcoming book Good Calories Bad Calories, on CKNW. You can hear the broadcast when you register (free) and then head over to the "Audio Vault" August 4, 2007 broadcast at 10:00AM.

Jimmy Moore also recently interviewed Gary Taubes about his book, and that interview is here.

Next, Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science, wrote an article about Low-Fat is not for Kids; well worth stopping over there for her take on the issue of children and dietary fat.

Dr. Mike Eades wrote about Bantings Letter on Corpulence and then uploaded a free copy of the paper for anyone who wishes to read in its entirety.

Some bloggers are busy folks! Dr. Mary Vernon is one such blogger, and she posts when time allows. She just recently added her take on the New York Times article Looking Past Blood Sugar to Survive with Diabetes last week.

Carol Bardelli (Kudos for Low-Carb) has a great article called Metabolism 101 Part One - Starvation Diets Backfire. Lots of good information and links in that one!

Lastly, Dr. Richard Feinman, PhD from SUNY Downstate Medical Center wrote an article in Diabetes Health to point to the flaws in the article from Hope Warshaw back in May. I wrote about the article here; Dr. Feinman's article is here. The comments following his article are interesting to read too!


  1. 50's a lot of people to feed! Was the menu low-carb or anything goes? What do you do with all those people???

  2. It was quite a far as food, we had both options - low-carb and whatever....some of what we had:

    Cheese board (with crackers, salami, pepperoni & olives)
    Corn Chips & three dips
    Spinach & Artichoke Dip (veggies to dip or crackers)
    Shrimp & cocktail sauce
    Burgers, Dogs...(and buns)
    Green salad with assorted add ins & dressings
    Cole Slaw (no sugar added)
    Potato salad
    Sausage & Peppers
    Brown/Wild Rice
    Chicken Piccata
    Baked Beans

    Some brought things:
    Potato Dish (hot)
    Baked Beans
    Green Beans (fresh from garden!)
    Macaroni Salad

    Then we also had a dessert lot's of food and definitely one could eat well and still stay within low-carb!

    What'd we do with them all? Some went out on the lake paddle boating or in the canoe, some were out on the deck listening to the band we had (or stayed inside listening), some were downstairs playing games in the rec room, some were mingling/eating, kids were mostly was kind of have fun where you want, how you want!

  3. Winnie1:09 PM

    Why anyone would feed their child a low-fat diet is beyond me! The low-fat products are loaded with sugar - is it any wonder kids eating that stuff gain weight and have metabolic problems like diabetes?

  4. Both Taubes interviews were great...and Feinman's article, top notch.

    Thanks for pointing them out!

  5. THANKS for the mention of my interview with Gary Taubes, Regina! I'm working on going down to Atlanta next month when he begins his book tour for Good Calories, Bad Calories to do a podcast interview with him. There'll be enough people in the media wanting to crucify him that some friendly interviews will be a welcomed respite.

  6. Hope you get some time to relax this week. ;)

  7. I had to feed around 50 people at a family reunion I organized but I cheated and made everyone bring something. Hope it went great. I would have been into the cheese board and shrimp with cocktail sauce for sure!

    Thanks for the link!

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    So glad I never gave up reading your blog Regina!

    This post of various articles was a great one and one I needed to get myself back on track.

    Man, even one meal of cutting out junk and I woke up not hungry and it a good mood for the 1st time in months.

    Woo-hoo, thanks for the inspiration and help. I'm hoping to take off a good 6 pounds this week.